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Welcome to the Colitis Crohn’s foundation (India) disease registry. This inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) registry is a tool to collect epidemiological information concerning people suffering with IBD in India, both ulcerative colitis & crohn’s disease. IBD is challenging, both for the rising trend in the country and its profound implication on the overall quality of life of the patients. There is, therefore, a strong need for a more accurate and timely assessment of the disease epidemiology in India. This registry, the only one of its kind in the entire nation provides the most efficient and accurate means for collecting information that makes possible the quantification of individuals suffering from IBD and may give some insight into disease presentation and patterns of patient care.

We place great importance on protecting the privacy of registry participants and the confidentiality of the information participants provide to us. A designated administrator can only retrieve all the data collected whereas each center/physician has its own lock-in system.

Together, patients and doctors facing the challenges of IBD can provide the valuable information and help make the registry a success.

Dr. Ajit Sood
Dr. Rakesh Kochhar
Dr. Ajay Kumar
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