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About CCFI (India)

Colitis and Crohn’s foundation of India (CCF) has been established as a national, not-for-profit, voluntary academic society by a team of people with special interest in inflammatory bowel disease. It’s composition is multidisciplinary comprising of physicians, surgeons and other professionals dedicated to assuring high quality patient care by advancing and promoting the science & practice of management of patients with inflammatory bowel disease.

*   Providing an opportunity to specialists and trainees (medical, surgical, allied branches) to share information and
     experience in the management of IBD.

*   Promoting and facilitating collaborative multi-center clinical research in the field of IBD (epidemiology, diagnosis,
     assessment of activity, therapeutic trials, course and disease prognosis).

The society pursues its objectives through a number of activities.

   1. Organization of scientific meetings;
   2. Fostering basic & clinical research programmes through research grants;
   3. Conducting educational meetings & providing education material for health professionals & consumers.
   4. Fund raising through subscriptions, donations, gifts, grants or contributions in cash.
   5. Exchange of information & contact with other international groups focused on IBD.


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